It is rare that we have to replace one artist but even rarer that we have to replace two!

Maeve Hoglund who was singing the leading role in our upcoming production of “Black  Water” is indisposed due to illness. We are delighted to welcome Laura Bohn to our cast.  Laura is a resident of Amsterdam and just happened to be in the U.S.

Anyone that has recently seen “The Wildness” on Broadway knows that Lauren Worsham is expecting a child very soon and will be unable to sing the title role in Rachel Peters’ new opera, Wild Beast of the Bungalow. We are pleased to welcome the excellent soprano Donata Cucinotta who was previously cast as Wendy. Now singing the role of Wendy is Jenna Siladie who impressed so many of us at our recent auditions.

Thank you Laura, Donata, and Jenna!